Having taught art for 15 years, I have a passion for art, art history and the endless variety  of art work across the globe that is as diverse as the heritage and indigenous culture that it represents.


Having an endless pool of creative possibilities from which to choose from was amazing… as an art teacher- I was never bored. As an artist, I find that it is much more challenging to focus my interests. As a result,  I have changed up my medium every couple of years, inspired by some “new find.” As Picasso is credited with saying, “good artists copy, great artist steal.” Even so,  I like to refer to my work as art “mash-ups”.


My yarn “paintings” are one such mash up phase. When I taught art, Yarn paintings were part of my curriculum on Folk art.  The yarn and bead art of the Huichol people in Mexico is one of the most commercially successful innovations in recent folk art. Their yarn paintings consist of colorful yarn that is pressed into boards with wax and resin, creating images that use symbols and designs from a ceremonial tablet called a “neirika”, and although the materials and purpose of these works have changed from religious to commercial, the Huichol yarn designs have changed little and still retain their symbolic significance.

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Tower Beatrice